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Men A. Werro
Swiss born in the alps and served in the Swiss Army. That is where the connection with the vintage Swiss Army leather comes from.

I am often asked how I got myself into leather work. Well, I really love cool leather products and always did but hardly ever found what I was searching for. This is especially true when looking for something that matches the beautiful Saddleback Leather products.

My very first Saddleback Leather Co. leather I owned was a tobacco old style suede lined messenger. The side pockets on the messenger are too small to hold a 27 oz water bottle so I created a water bottle holder for myself and liked it so much that I started to make them for other leather enthusiasts. Then I wanted a small pouch to carry items like a pocket knife, pen etc. Having access to it without to open the main bag was important to me so I made the PouchLi that attaches to D-rings.

I own a few old sewing machines and putting them back to work was just bliss! I used to service electronic systems so seeing and hearing these mechanical stitchers locomote got me hooked - it is so nice to see the mechanics work. Of course once everything was moving smoothly I had to try them out.

I create things for myself first, test them, improve them if necessary and if I like what I made, I add them to the creations I sell. Sometimes customers request custom leather work. We work together and usually can find a good solution. Also some of those leather items can be ordered now.

It is a great pleasure for me to work with leather and to be creative. Since I started to sell some of the SBL accessories I made for myself, the feedback has been exceptional!

My favorite sewing machine is the beautiful Singer 29-2 from 1895. It is not easy to work with that old machine but it sure is fun! It seems like she always wants to stitch all over the place, I have to keep a close eye on her and control her all the time, stitch by stitch. It is a slow going progress and the total opposite of fast food.

 I give my creations names. It all started with a funny feedback I received about my first creation, the bottle harness I sold on Ebay many moons ago. HarnessUp! where the last words and the first of my leather product names.

 Ed owns LeatherWerk Zinzinnati. We are family and work together.

Men A. Werro

Ed - LeatherWerk Zinzinnati