Backpack side pocket loops, adjustable and edge stitched $55

BAPS (nickel over solid brass lobsters) $60.00

Belt pouch mod $10.00

Big Wallet cLipStrap $28.00

Bottle holder HarnessUp $90.00

Briefcase large inside pocket $65.00

Briefcase rear pocket lid $55.00

Bucket bag shoulder strap waveStitch™ adjustable from 27” to 32” $110.00

Cable Bag $20.00 for closure / $15.00 for nickel over solid brass lobster clips

Clutch Tote shoulder strap mod $145.00 (42” waveStitch™ shoulder strap and 4 grommets with 2 o-rings)

Coin Pouch varies (bullet, 12g shells, belt clip, coin medallion, lobster clip, brass tag)

Contrast strap stitched to closure strap $30.00

Divider with pockets $125.00

Eyelets / Grommets aged brass or nickel over solid brass $2.50 each

Front Pocket briefcase Raccorde Rapide Closure $110.00

Front Pocket Pouch Roller buckle closure $85.00

Gear Bag backpack mod (top O-ring and bottom d-rings) $50.00

Ho-Lee Handle $90.00

Key strap 8" with nickel over solid brass lobsters on both ends $28.00

Lid stitching from $50.00

Lobster clips on shoulder straps (nickel over solid brass) $34.00
(Sliding strap end keeper mode $5.00)

Messenger and backpack straps, padded $160.00

MessGanizer $35.00

Notepad iPad slot $15.00

Notepad site entry $25.00

Notepad Swiss Army strap closure $30.00

Patina mode (tobacco only) from $50.00 depending on bag size

Pen Holder $30.00
pen Holder for 2 pens $45.00

Pouch nipple/stud closure $18.00

Pouch roller buckle closure $20.00

Raccorde Rapide Closure $75.00 (stainless steel, brass, aged brass, black)

Raccorde Rapide Closure system for Front Pocket Briefcase $110.00

Raccorde Rapide Closure for Satchel Purse $90.00

Rolling Luggage Strap $55.00 (nickel over solid brass lobster clips and roller buckle)

Satchel rear pocket lid $55.00

Shoulder strap double buckle $165.00

Shoulder strap standard $160.00

Side pocket lid each (nickel over solid brass roller buckle) $55.00

Sliding Strap End Keeper $5.00

Tank Backpack side pocket loops, edge stitched $60.00

Tank Straps Converter Set $60.00

Tote handle wrap $28.00
Tote padded shoulder strap sleeve $45.00

Under the lid Biz card holder $45.00

Utility straps $30.00 for 2 straps between 12" - 14" long, edge stitched